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Printed Envelopes – the most immediate marketing tool in your arsenal

Envelopes are so commonly used across business for all types of correspondence that many times people overlook the perfect opportunity that envelope printing can present from a marketing perspective.

An all-encompassing brand identity has never been more important. Printed envelopes are the first opportunity for brand and logo recognition of your company. Why wait until your correspondence has been opened to start enhancing your image in the eyes of the customer, when you could be marketing from the mailbox?

Envelope printing is a cost-effective way to spread your name, and to start selling the brand of your company immediately

From important letters to invoices, envelopes play a vital role in containing and sending important documents from place to place. As a necessity of business life, choosing plain over printed envelopes is a wasted opportunity. Why wouldn’t you choose to seize on a convenience like printed envelopes?

As an established envelope printing company, Printloft offers a wide variety of printed envelopes at competitive prices in sizes 110x220 DL, 162x229 C5, and 162x229 C4 to meet all of your envelope printing needs. We know that envelopes provide the ideal canvas to immediately present your company to the client in the best possible light, and our online system for submitting your unique design is straightforward user friendly.

Choosing plain envelopes in place of printed envelopes is to remain short-sighted about the marketing opportunity presented by envelope printing. Not only this, but when you forego printed envelopes, statistics suggest that you can actually reduce the chance of your envelopes even being opened to new or unfamiliar clients.

As a leading envelope printing company, we are the best option to handle your printed envelopes order. Don’t miss out on the essential marketing opportunity that printed envelopes could be providing your business. For exceptional envelope printing, leaflet printing and other services, look no further than PrintLoft. We welcome all stationery printing enquiries at