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How leaflet printing can be the lynchpin of your marketing campaign

It can be tempting to market your business only through online means – it’s quick, it’s easy, and everybody is online in this day and age. It is short sighted, however, to ignore the appeal and weight that the more traditional leaflet printing can offer. Business should never rely on just one method of promotion. People like to be tactile, and to take physical copies of your business details and promotions, which is where leaflet printing really comes into its own.

Where a tweet or website banner can be scanned over, and ignored, a leaflet design can stick around, literally pointing out the promotion whenever the eye falls upon it – grabbing their attention quickly.

How to make the most of your leaflet design

Leaflet design has been proven to be the best and most cost effective type of advertising for businesses. Our leaflet printing is available in sizes A4, A5, A6 and DL, and all leaflets are available in a wide range of paper grammage, in gloss or silk.

We have produced a list of our most useful tactics for getting the most from your leaflet printing:

Send it to the right people

You need to know exactly who you are marketing your leaflet design at for it to be a successful campaign. What are the ideas and motives that drive your audience the most?

Timing is everything

 Leaflet printing is most powerful when your target audience is likely to think about purchasing your product or service – consider this when you are designing your offers and promotions.

Make your promotion compelling

Cheap leaflet printing is only worthwhile if the offer is appropriate to your target audience. Think about who you are marketing your leaflet design to – will this offer appeal to your audience?

Good leaflet design

Your leaflet design should be well spaced – print double sided if you need to. You must avoid bombarding the eye with over complicated leaflet design. Aim for eye catching simplicity.

Effectively convey your message

Your leaflet design must have all the relevant information that the reader needs to be aware of, without having extraneous or irrelevant information. 

Integrate with other marketing tools

Cheap leaflet printing is a fantastic tool, which perfectly complements telemarketing or other marketing methods. As we suggested, you can add links to your website or your twitter to provide extra information, to avoid crowding your leaflet design.